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Quick Update
April 16, 2009, 12:39 pm
Filed under: Security


Just being on vacation for the last couple of weeks and the coming week will be my last week enjoying being disconnected for a while.


But as a quick update on the happenings around is:

  • For those following the Conficker updates you can visit the Conficker Working Group website and for those who were wondering what Conficker did in first week of April well it was limited to spam and serving the victim’s with fake anti-virus products.
  • I found this simple interactive animation interesting one to understand how a simple Buffer Overflow attack works click here.
  • Infected or Compromised by Richard Bejlitch.  


That’s all for now.


Enjoy the weekend.


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Who said Mac and vista rule the world, well it maybe so but not after Linux’s new OS release (Ubuntu 9.04)

Comment by Abdulla Abbas

I believe every flavor/make of OS has its pros and cons, afterall it all depends what you feel comfy using.
Thanks for passing by.

Comment by Bazargan

Some security tips for firefox. very useful 🙂

Comment by Abdulla Abbas

Swine Flu Spam and Phishing Attacks.

Comment by Abdulla Abbas

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