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NMAP 4.85Beta6 Released
April 1, 2009, 8:52 am
Filed under: Security

There is a new release of NMAP 4.85Beta6 (Windows, Linux, OSX)


This release as per insecure.org includes further improvements such as:

§  Fixed some bugs with the Conficker detection script (smb-check-vulns)

§  SMB response timeout raised to 20s from 5s to compensate for slow/overloaded systems and networks.

§  MSRPC now only signs messages if OpenSSL is available (avoids an error).

§  Better error checking for MS08-067 patch, among others.


The command you can use for the Conficker scan is:

nmap -PN -T4 -p139,445 -n -v –script=smb-check-vulns –script-args safe=1 [targetnetworks]