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Various # 09 – 104
April 21, 2009, 1:07 pm
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Some of the interesting reads I had these couple of days:


1. Now this is awesome, ISC2 launches Child Online Safety Program and calls it “Safe & Secure Online“: a program that invites (ISC)2 information security experts to educate school children ages 11-14 on how to protect themselves online.


“Safe & Secure Online is a program begun by (ISC)2 with support from Childnet International, a charity that aims to make the Internet a safe place for children. First introduced in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2006, then expanded to Hong Kong in 2007, Safe & Secure Online has reached nearly 20,000 children in those regions. The program is designed to address the gap in security advice that exists in children’s safety outreach efforts.


And for all of you who are maintaining your CPEs, you can do that by teaching Children on how to be safe and secure when online.


2. If you are thinking to set up a CERT/CSIRT at your organization then ENISA has released CERT/CSIRT Exercises Handbook with a toolset, they also have a guide on a step-by-step approach on how to set up a CSIRT and you can also find a great guide on basic collection of good practices for running a CSIRT. I found it a useful resource to start with besides others.


3. Talking about USB drives and how they can be vulnerable to malicious applications and viruses Mobile Armor’s KeyArmor USB drive is designed to combat these threats:    


“The KeyArmor solution is a military level encrypted USB drive managed by the Mobile Armor enterprise policy console, PolicyServer. KeyArmor USB drives are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated using on processor AES hardware encryption. KeyArmor now independently provides protection against viral and malware threats. With integrated anti-malware detection and remediation, viruses and malicious software are prevented from attacking data transferred and stored on the KeyArmor drive. This is an independent function of KeyArmor, not requiring the existence or utilization of anti-malware from the data source device. KeyArmor provides detailed auditing and logging relating to the anti-malware component, including version control, update integrity, update frequency and file status.

KeyArmor: You are neat!


4. This is an interesting read about eEye Digital Security that announced the Blink Server 4 that has integrated protection platform for the windows servers and applications. 


That’s all for now. Good day all.