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Data Privacy and Data Protection
April 25, 2009, 7:14 pm
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mmm.. and who shall watch the watchers?

mmm.. and who shall watch the watchers?


For the last couple of days I have been reading about an interesting topic called “government trojans”. A government trojanis a spyware/Trojan/backdoor installed on a workstation or network by a law enforcement agency for the purpose of capturing information relevant to a criminal investigation. This Trojan captures private e-mail communication, VoIP traffic, data residing on hard drives, record video conferences, etc. This captured data is then sent out to a central server for processing and analysis without the prior consent or knowledge of the individual and their data privacyl.


The overall goal of planting the trojan in a suspect’s computer is in order to snoop on the suspect’s hard drive data and Internet traffic for any suspicious activity related to terrorism, child pornography, drug trafficking, etc.


Personally and even some individuals find it illegal for government to snoop into their data using these so called government trojans, let alone the other case of wiretapping the Internet traffic which some countries find it illegal where others are just fine with it.


You can read about it more here, here and here. It elaborates further which countries have implemented and who is planning to implement and so on.


Where are we going with this is the question.


Till then, be unwatched.



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