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Various # 09 – 103
March 9, 2009, 5:30 pm
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I know it has been a long time ever since I last updated, was caught up with a lot of things lately, it was IDEX 09 in Abu Dhabi and now the SANS Orlando. As today is my last day at Orlando and before I leave to look around the Disney here just thought of updating this place with a small blog entry.

XKCD: Yeah, that's easier! LOL

XKCD: Yeah, that's easier! LOL


1. I’m sure you all know Ed Skoudis (who doesn’t?) the author of the book Counter Hack Reloaded, a SANS great instructor and the Founder of Inguardians, Inc. Ed, Hal Pomeranz and Paul Assadorian Founder of PaulDotCom have a great blog called Command Line Kung Fu where they discuss all the various command lines (kung fu) both on Windows and Linux and all the different ways you can execute them and use them for sys admin and pen testing. So much to learn from the website. P.S: Ed, it was a great experience being taught by you and meeting you.


2. SRI International has published a wonderful useful report on the Analysis of Conficker’s Logic. Worth a read.  


3. A week ago Security Researcher Didier Stevens posted a video on how acrobat reader exploit works without opening the PDF and today he explains how only by having an infected file on your hard disk can be vulnerable and how Windows Indexing Services is the cause. Follow the countermeasures.


That’s all for now.



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I just want to say excellent blog. I glad that I was reading JBIG2Decode and found your blog.

Comment by Ba7eth

أشكرك على المرور أخي باحث عن المعرفة

Comment by Bazargan

Great blog keep it up

I am a fan….

Comment by Al Mansouri

Thanks for passing by AlMansoori.

Comment by Bazargan

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