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January 14, 2009, 10:15 am
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Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare

What have been noticed in the field recently?

Microsoft issued a critical security bulletin MS09-001: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) protocol Could Allow Remote Code Execution on affected systems. So patch up your systems.


I’m sure so far most of you have been reading about the latest research work on generating rogue Certificate Authority (CA) using MD5 collision attacks. Apparently the Carnegie Melon Lab in collaboration with the NSF has come up with a research about a solution called Perspectives a FireFox extension that detects rogue CAs: Improving SSH-Style Host Authentication with Multi-Path Network Probing. Worth a Read.


As security professionals we have always noticed that any political, martial, financial, etc views always had a cyber dimension and we called it Cyber Warfare. Some of the examples can be the cyber attacks on Estonia and Georgia. The Economist had a great article explaining Cyber Warfare called “Marching off to Cyberwar” their insight is..

For a cyberattack to qualify as “cyberwar”, it must take place alongside actual military operations.” They also go in defining cybervandalism or cyberhooliganism as being forms of cybercrime. In that essence, I believe every country or world wide should come up with an agreement on a definition for cyber warfare to accommodate it in their laws or have entirely new laws for it!


Well I guess I’ll have another update by tonight as I’m getting late for a meeting here.


Good Day All!



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Very fascinating article. I’m afraid cyberwar has already begun its march behind hidden walls. I believe china has already started using cyber warfare tactics as part of their military operations to exploit the US government and their military information.

By the way, I found an interesting document about (SQL injection Attacks) and ways to defend web applications from its danger.



I hope you find it useful.


By the way,

Comment by Abdulla Abbas

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