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December 23, 2008, 8:14 pm
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Hong Kong (place to be)

Hong Kong (place to be)

I fail to remember the number of times my friends accused me of being paranoid about the whole security issue, but let’s face it isn’t security an integral part of everything in our life? (trying to get an excuse for the paranoia!)


Anyways, these were my best reads of the week:

  • I recall back at MEITSEC this year, I was involved among the rest in a Panel Discussion and the topic of discussion was about justifying security spending to higher management and interestingly I came across a great read for Jeremiah Grossman about the same; you will enjoy the five approaches he talks about in detail.   
  • I guess it is apparent that most of the security flaws breed on a web browser level not forgetting the recent security alert about the exploit found on Internet Explorer and Firefox. So I guess a good tip can be: to refrain from checking your emails using web browsers and use email clients instead. On a side note, I’m sure by now you are all patched with the latest IE Microsoft security update MS08-078. If not then do so. J  
  • I have no idea how many of you out there use encryption for their confidential files and drives, but a good-free-program can be; TrueCrypt (for Windows and Linux users) easy to use and yet efficient when it comes to security and QuickEncrypt (for MAC users). It’s time to encrypt stuff folks.  
  • Websense Blog had a great post about how Google is sponsoring links to websites that host malicious malware and redirects cyber users to Rogue Anti-Virus Software (read the part where they highlighted how did that malicious link reached at the top list of the search). The post ended with…

It seems that we live in a world where functionality comes first and security later. Online services typically have the attitude that it’s better to introduce functionality (and realize revenue) first, and then make the services more secure later. This time gap between functionality and security, however, leaves users exposed to all sorts of crimeware abuse, with the resulting losses of money, time, and peace of mind.”


My thought to this post was, I believe if each cyber user had a security mindset to start with and was completely aware to have a second thought and verify the facts before clicking on various links or entering their credentials anywhere and everywhere; then I would say we will have lesser infections or bots to worry about and clean.


That’s all for now,



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