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Free E-mail Services and Official Communications
December 12, 2008, 1:28 pm
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Certainly we know that free e-mail services such as (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) are convenient to not only send and receive personal messages between family and friends but also suitable to use them for joining forums, online shopping and so on. Just another way to refrain from using work e-mail IDs for unnecessary communication.


However, I have noticed this common behavior among some really high country officials around the globe using these free e-mail services for official communication; by official I also mean classified and confidential information sharing!! Folks, since when we use Hotmail and Yahoo for official communications?!  


Yes, I’m aware that you receive an 8GB space with Gmail and certain GBs with Hotmail; I do understand that it is available and accessible from wherever workstation on this planet if  you want to login to it, and that you are getting way too much of features that you may never use all of them. But it remains free e-mail services which means they aren’t liable if you loose any of your e-mails, they aren’t liable if it is unavailable or inaccessible, they are certainly not accountable if your account is compromised or hacked, and definitely they aren’t liable for the PRIVACY of your e-mail so no matter what features you get with them as long as you are uncertain with preserving and safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of your so called “official communication e-mails” and your account well simply don’t use it. I believe that it is completely an unhealthy trade off to compromise on confidentiality and privacy for ease of use for official communication.  


Interestingly you may want to read this piece of news from itexaminer.com where an official from Prime Minister’s office in India (yes, you heard me right!) says “Do not use G-mail for official communications!” Well as I mentioned in my previous post: “Closing the barn door and shutting the stall doors after the horse has left is not “due diligence”.


Word to Spread: Don’t use Free E-mail Services for official communications?!!



Fatma Bazargan


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let’s leave the globe alone and talk about the ones in our own yard! dont you think there should be an authority to restrict such use, have a policy, monitor it, a law, or something of that sort??

Comment by Ahmad

hmm.. so which authority you think can take that ownership?!

Comment by Bazargan

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