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Hackers penetrate the IMF Computer Systems
November 16, 2008, 7:14 pm
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Foxnews reported that a bunch of Hackers in October penetrated the International Monetary Fund (IMF) based in Washington, DC – an institution that offers emergency financial aid to countries faced with balance-of-payments problems. The hackers forced a shutdown of IMF computers that lasted several days!


Although an intrusion took place; yet the IMF denies that any critical financial information had been affected or leaked.


What the IMF intrusion shows is that the physical wiring of the world’s financial systems is increasingly vulnerable and getting worse and the financial sector as such is heavily targeted by the intruders.


IMF officials fixed their computer systems early this month, after they have discovered spyware that was quickly spreading through the institution’s high-security computer system!


Despite the Chinese denials, “everyone in the intelligence community knows that China is the biggest player in cyber espionage,” says John TKacik, a former head of China intelligence for the US State Department.


As per the British Intelligence; they believe that China uses the information found for geopolitical awareness about the current global financial crisis issue…


What the Chinese are particularly interested in at the IMF is what loans the IMF is likely to give to other countries,” says Nick Day, a former British intelligence officer who runs Diligence, a private investigative firm that does extensive work for many international corporations and institutions. “The geopolitics of this is that essentially you’ve got a few countries in the world that are stacked on huge foreign capital reserves — Russia, China, Japan, the Middle East — and the rest of us are pretty much borrowers to those lenders.

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