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Eagle Eye: supercomputer and artificial intelligence for once made me laugh
October 13, 2008, 12:51 pm
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If you haven’t seen the movie; refrain from reading; the review contains spoilers. =)


I recently watched Eagle Eye and believe me for once I felt artificial intelligence made me laugh from the core (lOl). I couldn’t stop giggling and criticizing on some of the acts that showed up in the movie; to the extent that my brothers wanted to kick me out of the cinema (lOl).


You would really want to watch how a defense unit of a country puts in place a supercomputer which is pumped with so much of artificial intelligence and surveillance that it took self control and went against the government, disobeying its own makers! O_o  


Just to start with the supercomputer contacted two civilians (Jerry and the Female [lOl]) and instructed both with some actions! now how on earth will a military base put such supercomputer in place that has managed to execute so many actions without anyone noticing it! >_< (grrr)


And if all what the supercomputer wanted was Jerry to say out few words in front of that screen then why go through all the hassle and the damage caused to get him till Pentagon, baby, if you can let a truck loaded with so much weapon be delivered to Jerry’s apartment without it going through security check then cant you just hire some pros who can get you the guy right to Pentagon (simple ey?) oh yeah it’s a movie after all there should be some ACTION and not to forget the adrenalin rush (lOl)!


Don’t get me started on what-on-earth-actions that took place like the Porsche being controlled by the supercomputer, signal lights, airports, trains, screens, mobile phones. the black boxes that were delivered to Jerry’s apartment when he was out for funeral how on earth did that truck loaded with deadly weapons and fake passports pass the security check! the hysteric-cracked-up moment was when the supercomputer hacked in a jet and it started firing missiles in the tunnel oh and the x-ray machine at the airport that couldn’t detect the injects in the bag with Jerry because the screen was changed! Oh and the upload of the data to the satellite.. yeah yeah I’m authorized to do that! (lOl)


I wonder what message the movie wants to deliver but I hope it’s not something like well there will be a time where we cannot control our own supercomputer which is fed by so much of artificial intelligence that we ourselves aren’t aware of what actions it may take and I really hope it’s not something like it is just easy for our critical national infrastructure to be hacked into yeah you can hack the jets and fire missiles anywhere and everywhere you want with a supercomputer!


But seriously go watch it for a laugh, you’ll enjoy giggling for an hour or so =)





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Well, I learned one thing from movies like this:
* If I’m an ICT person and I do wanna enjoy such a movie (I spent 30 dirhams, dammit!) I just issue a shutdown command on the interface to my ICT logic board for the duration of said movie.
I once watched a Harrison Ford movie called Firewall with a fellow networker, and we were the only ones in the theatre who burst out laughing when Ford’s security-guru character SAVED THE DAY by just typing into a console, “ip access-group X in”!!! Because we were the only ones who laughed and even cursed, we felt cool in the beginning, but then uncomfortably realized the level of nerdiness we retained even outside the workplace.

Comment by Ali AlKaff

happens.. you cant burn that ICT logic board even if you try Ali.. i said that to myself whenever i entered such movies.. matrix, firewall, die hard, eagle eye.. but no use its activated by default! so now i just enjoy it (the movie that is not the nerdiness) 🙂

Comment by Bazargan

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